Without straightforwardly taking the name, Ted Cruz has criticized Trump for his efforts to put a stop taxpayer’s support for the International Space Station on Tuesday. Cruz heads a subcommittee which overseas space policies. He said that it would be very unfair to stop the funding programs for the International Space Station which has been in orbit since 1998. As per the budget of 2019 that has been submitted by the White House reports that funding for the ISS would be stopped after 2025.

Mr.Cruz said that the things that some persons in the White House are against the funding process for the post-2025. He was pretty upset about the fact and raised concerns that it would be devastating if the proper returns do not come from such investment due to lack of funding and it would bring scientific exploration to a standstill. As per the reports from the White House, the budget presented by the administrative department has allotted $19.9 billion for NASA. However, it has been learned that such support from the federal department would be stopped from 2025. The entire burden of the funding process will be shifted to the commercial partners.

Cruz, as well as Bill Nelson who is the space committee’s Democrat, has requested Trump to stop this plan of not allotting funds for the development of ISS and letting the private players do the business. In February itself the committee had written to the White House budget director Mr. Mick Mulvaney not to stop the funding process for the ISS. Such sudden stoppage of funds could lead to serious disaster for the future space exploration process.

Although Cruz has opposed the move of Trump to privatize the funding process of ISS, he has been supporting the commercialization of the different space activities. This activity of his gained momentum after he acquired the post of Commerce Committee panels that deal with NASA. Last Tuesday, Cruz further urged to the Trump government saying that if the nation wants to send their astronauts to NASA, then it must keep on funding process alive. On the other hand, he also emphasized the fact that the government should also give various incentives to the private players to encourage them further for investing in the space exploration process.

He has asked the Trump government to realize the fact that if Mars mission is to be made a success, then they cannot solely depend upon public funding through tax collection.