Trump is becoming a loser and the most detested figure in his tweets.

Donald Trump lives in a strange time. He wants the United States of his childhood and youth back. That is one of the reasons why he wants to send a manned ship back to the moon, according to an unspecified order regarding deadlines and budgets that he signed this past Monday.

Trump suffers a crucial defeat in Alabama over accusations of harassment of his ultra-Senate candidate.

There are no limits to his ambition. He wants to annul the presidency of his predecessor, Barack Obama, but he also wants to overcome him. Let the USA be great again and be first in everything! Hence, his interest in the space race, which began by winning the Soviet Union with his Sputnik, the first manned flight, but ended up sweeping the US, with the footprint of Armstrong on the lunar sand.

Shortly after arriving at the White House, he urged NASA to send astronauts to the moon as soon as possible and from there to Mars. It is easily understood that he would settle for sending someone to the terrestrial satellite while he is still in the White House. But even this will not be easy, and not only because of the technological and budgetary difficulty of the resumption of lunar trips suspended by Obama but because the siege to throw him out of the presidency is narrowing.

With the prosecutor Mueller who is on his heels in search of Russian collusion and the defeat that the Republican Party has just suffered in the Senate election of Alabama, this is not the best week for dreams of greatness. He says he wants to go to the moon and Mars, but he has suffered the biggest political defeat of his presidency, which makes him the worst that can be conceived, a figure that is despised and mocked due to his obscene phrases on Twitter.

He has lost twice in Alabama, a state where Trumpism is devastated. He lost his candidate in the Republican primaries and had lost his candidate in the senatorial election. The Republican majority in the Senate is only two seats. The seat of Alabama belonged to Jeff Sessions, his attorney general who can be taken at any time for his infidelities in the Russian spy scandal. The defeat also affects Steve Bannon, the right-wing strategist who led him to the presidency, a specialist in squeezing lemons out of impropriety, racism, and resentment, and willing to spray the entire Washington establishment.