While astronauts, who are retiring, doubt the possibility of reaching Mars, super-efforts are being made to use super-alloys in rocket raptor engines. Elon Musk again tweeted that the launch company SpaceX is preparing to create a cutting-edge combination of metals called superalloys. These superalloys will increase the efficiency and reliability of the engine of the rocket. Raptor rocket engine needs BFR to ensure sustainable colonization of the red planet.

He was although asked what the combination used to make this superalloy, to which he did not give a clear reply was. He said that BFR’s propulsion system has specific complexities; a metal which is capable of surviving the intense conditions created by the rocket engine needs to be developed.  

A test fire was made that proved that only 50% of the things were ready for the BFR propulsion system. The atmosphere on Mars is not very favorable for humans, animals or even machines. If Opportunity rover can face such a massive storm that it came to near death like situation, what would happen to a metal that gets rust and corrosion even on earth like compounds of iron? Any element having a single type of crystals do not ensure the safety of the metal or strength of the things it is used to build. In general, as well, alloys are always better regarding performance as compared to individual metals.

High pressure, extreme temperature, and gases in the atmosphere are too much to tackle for a material that works well with our houses or doors. The robust turbo pump installed for the raptor propulsion system shall be made of an alloy that will redefine the mechanism of composites. The combustion process producing unbearable temperatures will be a no-problem thing for the superalloy yet to be made.  

It was clear from the very beginning that Mars was a tough place to survive, but going to Mars too would not be an easy journey. SpaceX with its alternative solutions has come up with solutions that work well. However, the trial and error philosophy does delay the process. But if BFR booster came into existence, this alloy, better say superalloy too will benefit the organization once it is given a final shape. The chief of propulsion Robert Mueller mentioned that the Merlin 1D is powering Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy already have proved itself to be a masterpiece of engineering. It holds the thrust which itself is a record, but the raptor approaching is a step ahead.