Mysteries revolving around the great red spot have always lured space scientists across the globe. NASA scientists have been keeping a watch on this area of the galaxy for a long period. But recently some of the stunning photos of this great red spot have aroused keen interest among the scientists in NASA, and the recent developments have further enhanced the curiosity among the space industry.

NASA in order to keep a close watch on this planet had launched a popular satellite known as Juno. This satellite has been busy in keeping a close watch on the developments taking place in and around Jupiter. Some of the recent photos taken by Juno have taken the NASA scientists by storm. Some of the astonishing pictures taken by Juno has left the space industries spellbound, and it has increased the matter of concern by leaps and bounds.

In-depth analysis of the planet

Juno was launched into the orbit section of Jupiter on 5th of July 2016. Since its placement in and around the vicinity of Jupiter, Juno has provided such information which has forced scientists to change their perception regarding this huge planet. It was revealed that the magnetic attraction of this planet was much stronger than what was expected at the initial stages by the scientists. Not only the magnetic concern but Juno’s continuous observation has also led to the conclusion that there has been stability with regards to the storms that were taking place in Jupiter. It is worthwhile to mention that the most recent snapshots taken by Juno have further ignited the concerns regarding the stability of the storms.

Objective of Juno

The main reason why Juno was stationed around Jupiter was to send data with respect to the magnetic field strength of Jupiter as well as the internal composition of which Jupiter is made up of. At the end of each perijove session, the pictures that are taken from Juno are being transmitted to Earth, where various astronomers and even the photo editors remain alert for the purpose of processing.

Latest Development

As of now, the developments in and around the Great Red Spot have kept the scientists in a spot of bother. This is mainly due to the fact that recent photos have revealed that there are chances that the Great Red Spot is becoming taller and shrinking at the same time. This has to lead to the confusion that perhaps it is retaining enough of mass which was not assumed by the scientists in the beginning.