For those who aspires and craves to spend a night in the space need not to wait too long now. A Houston based company has already initiated working on this plan. They stated that they will stationed a hotel in the space by the year 2021. They are planning to accommodate four people at a time in this hotel along with two helping staff.

The hotel will be garrisoned 200 miles away from the surface of the earth and thus the guests will be able to spend a night in a totally zero gravity habitat. The guests have to pay an amount of $792,000 for every night. Those who are desperate about this, can pre-book their stay by paying an amount of $80,000 online which is refundable in case the program is cancelled.

One of the spokesperson of the company said that they have planned this initiative because they want to evolve the civilization and want people experience how it feels to live at a place with no gravity. According to them, it will take two years for establishing this hotel and all the guests will be provided training before letting them spend a night in the outer space. In the training program, guests will be introduced to the basic spaceflight, mechanics of orbits and how to live in the pressurized environment.

The Company quoted that they have given special emphasis on enabling the customers to have the enjoyment in an environment with no gravity. One of the best things about this program is that the guests will be served with food that grown in the orbit. They will also be allowed to take the same home as a souvenir. Those who will opt for the space hotel, can also enjoy and access high speed internet. They can make live video calls to their loved ones at the home. In addition to this, the guests will be able to experience around 33 sunsets during their day.

The company said in an official statement that the project has been made possible with collaboration to another company who will launch a rocket every week to turn this project into a reality. A lot of emphasis is to be given for the safety of the customers and this is actually not the first time a company is initiating a project like this. Already some wealthy people have travelled to the International space station under Russian Program.