Loop has a worldwide presence in more than 59 countries. It is estimated that 1300 engineers from NASA, Google, Tesla, Apple and even Facebook will be attending the Bucharest Technology Week and will be engaged in showcasing the most highly developed levitation technology that exists today. rLoop was decided the winner of the Innovation Award SpaceX Hyperloop for the 2015-17 edition.

Ilyas Vali who is the co-founder of Loop will be present at the event. His presentation will focus on, and at the same time, it will also showcase the decentralization and their capability to instill collective improvement of the high level of technology. He will even be letting us know how blockchain technology would help us in many ways in removing the hurdle that might come up in the form of “innovation bottleneck” beginning with the Hyperloop technology. He will also be bringing to limelight their first project rFlight in front of the public as well.

To adhere to other advanced technologies, the company is resorting to a decentralized approach. Their main aim now is to focus on the “future of work” approach. He will also explain regarding how blockchain technology can be utilized to enable their processes as an all-out remote crowdsourced entity.

The journey of this company began in the year of 2015. It was the year in which Mr. Eon Musk, the owner of Paypal, Tesla, Space organized a competition. The mission was to develop pod for his proposed Hyperloop Transport Mechanism. These pods were being built to bring down a frictionless near vacuum tube at a speed of up to 1220 km/hr.

rLoop started its journey as a sub-reddit within the community site known as Reddit.  As of now, they are one of the most massive crowd-sourced organizations as well as the only hardware entity on the Blockchain. It has the ambition to set up advanced technology and design solutions on the foundation of the Blockchain across the entire world. However, the company has first targeted the Hyperloop and the process by which the cities will change working fundamentally and how the people will shift their focus of living.

Hyperloop is considered to be a very high-speed transportation system conceptualized by Elon Musk. The thinking behind the concept is to take passengers and cargo up to space at a propelling speed of 1200km/hour using a low-pressure tube with the help of cost-efficient energy.