Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX had manifested the image of the manufacturing hardware in order to build the SpaceX’s next-generation rocket. The Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) spaceship is the flagship for the company’s vision to create a permanent and self-supporting human presence on the planet Mars. Also, the founder is advertising that this innovation is on track to starts it short trip testing early next year. 

Musk shows off the image of the manufacturing hardware for their massive spaceship to carry human and send them out in the red planet despite the fact that he references his goal to reach Mars for the coming years. The photo showed contains the man body tool, a huge manufacturing mold to interlace any carbon fiber, which would compose the rocket’s upper stage. 

The image is showing the body tool in a nondescript tent, together with Tesla Model 3 found in the foreground. The tent is located at Los Angeles Port, which is recently correlated with the SpaceX as the “start-of-the-art” factory that will yield behemoth rocket.  The tent, at the same time, is believed to have a measurement of 18-acre plot, a way bigger for the manufacturing hardware to settle. 

BFR is the company’s flagship vision to create their permanent and self-supporting human presence in the red planet, and the name of it tells that it is more than just another Falcon invention to those inside the SpaceX. Regarding the BFR program, SpaceX will have the detailed plans to be released in September to send the cargo load to Mars by the year 2020 and humans in 2024. 

As part of the early announcement of the rocket, if we can still recall, Musk had shown the image of the fuel tank of BFR two years ago. This fuel tank has the capability to hold the liquid oxygen for up to 1200 tons. However, there are only a few details announced about it since then.

Fresh from the launch of the Falcon, Musk is advertising to start the short trip test early next year. While the Falcon Heavy can stand at over 21-story building tall, BFR can dwarf it at 32-story. Despite the founder’s aggressive timeline, Musk admitted from the previous month that he can meet the expectations.

Falcon Heavy is unveiled in 2011 and claims to have its launching by 2013. But until early 2018, the rocket never makes its blast off due to delays in its development. Musk said that sometimes his time is little.