SpaceX has the intention to find out each and every part of the rocket and not only the initial portion. For this, it might plan to apply different policies and strategies to take charge over such stages. Elon Musk and his company have declared of plans of taking rockets out of the orbital range with the help of a “giant party balloon”. Though the plan sounds pretty clichéd there will be some tactics behind this plan as we go forward.

So if a plan actually works out in reality then it would of huge advantage to SpaceX. As per the current scenario, it costs around USD 62 million to set up a Falcon 9 which is a huge cash outlay in itself. So in this position, if it is in a position to lower down the cost by recovering the upper stage with the help of a balloon, then it can bring the huge amount of expenses as well as make the launching much more attractive to the customers and the viewers. If we are thinking of eco-friendliness, then this is the best option to crave for although the idea might seem to be very pathetic in the initial stages.

Similar to SpaceX, World View also has the dream of launching such huge balloons in place of the satellites. Such balloons are being in the making process for a longer duration. However, the initial hiccup could not be avoided by World View when it launched the first flight using the balloons. Although this startup has initiated the first launch pretty successfully, it has plans to make the launching process of such stratollite balloons on a routine basis.

Currently, according to World View, such huge balloons are not lasting for a longer duration. The maximum time for which the balloon lasted was that for 27 hours. But nevertheless, the launch of the Tuscan has laid the groundwork for most of the future work. It is the position where World View will be manufacturing as well launching the majority of its balloons. This design will allow the balloons to remain afloat for many more months to come.

This will be a revolution in the sense that these balloons will prove to be the much-anticipated replacement for the costly satellites that are being sent to space. These balloons will work equivalent to that of the satellites like weather tracking, and different observations and so on.