SpaceX is all set to build a new advanced facility for manufacturing rockets and spaceflight at the Port of Los Angeles. This facility is believed to consolidate the vision of Elon Musk to send different facilities to Mars by 2022. The company is all ready to manufacture BFR which is an abbreviation for Big Falcon Rocket at this facility. BFR is so large in volume that will be requiring a ship or rather a barge for its movement. So it has triggered the necessity to go for a port location for its better transportation. Thus the selection of Port of Los Angeles was. In fact, the headquarters of SpaceX is also located in the suburbs of Los Angeles. So it has become that much easy for the company for functioning for this project. The company also uses this port for executing its other activities.

Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti announced this news at the annual state of the City Address. Mr. Eric even mentioned the fact that it is the vehicle which has the potential to take humanity much deeper into the world of cosmos than it was expected before. He also mentioned that it will not be simply reaching out to the heaven but also it is an opportunity for creating jobs.

The company has assured that this project would be able to create jobs to a maximum of 700. Musk was confident of the fact that this rocket will have the potential to replace other rockets such as Falcon, Dragon, and Falcon Heavy. It can also be utilized for carrying cargo within the rocket and also for traveling over the earth at an enormous speed. SpaceX has thanked the Los Angeles administration for providing this facility for manufacturing such a huge mission. The administration is in talks to award them a 19-acre lease for which the company might need to shell out nearly $1.4 million annually.

Joe Buscaino. City Councilman said that this project will enhance the waterfront area and also the neighboring area. He said that his administration will arrange every possible commuting option. The officials will be given the option to travel via ferry and bikes.

Since the Mayor has the right authority to appoint the members, he is pretty confident, that the project will be approved very smoothly. Thereafter the proposal would be forwarded to Trade, Travel and Tourism Committee for further processing.