SpaceX is attaining new and greater heights. The company now intends to build a factory in Los Angeles. This company has dedicated the factory to the building of spaceships and rocket booster. The next massive rocket booster might just come from that factory.

Los Angeles city mayor, Eric Garcetti, in an address said that SpaceX would produce its vast Falcon 9 in this new factory. The decision to have a factory in Los Angeles is not new. The talks have been on since 2015, but negotiations were only finalized last month.

The location of the new spaceship factory is a 19-acre land at the Los Angeles port. The authorities of the port gave their approval to the agreement on Thursday, April 19, 2018. The Los Angeles port waterfront was considered the most suitable location to pursue such a project.

SpaceX considered other locations in Louisana, Texas, Florida, and the Southern part of California before settling on the Los Angeles port.

The new rocket will have a dimensional build height of 106 meters and diameter of 9 meters.

The launch vehicle will be reusable, and it will be in two pieces. The first stage is the booster stage and the second is the upper stage, and this booster will possess the landing capacities of Falcon rockets.

The upper stage will be built to carry satellites, people, and supplies.

Bruce McHugh, the director of Construction and Real Estate at SpaceX said the Los Angeles port is the best location because the factory needs to be close to a water source since they would be transporting the vast booster and upper stage via a barge for testing and consequent launching.

Talking about the launch vehicle, he stated that, the company is glad that they are producing it close to water because it is enormous. The company has already leased land at the Los Angeles port. The company uses the property to convey Dragon Capsules to the international space station.

McHugh also mentioned that there are about twenty production technician and twenty engineers working on the new rocket booster project. The factory will engage the services of at least 700 workers, and the booster rocket will be ready by 2020.

He revealed that the founder of SpaceX wants the project done way faster than the estimated time. Elon Mask has plans of setting the rocket up for a robotic Mars mission in the year 2022. He has other plans which include human voyages.