The Space Exploration Technologies Corp. founded by Elon Musk will construct its massive in-development rocket, termed as BFR at the Port of Los Angeles. 

According to the Los Angeles Mayor, Eric Garcetti, they are officially announcing that SpaceX will begin production development of the Big Falcon Rocket at the Port of Los Angeles. He also added that this vehicle holds the promise of taking humankind more in-depth into space than ever before. 

SpaceX that builds its current Falcon Heavy and Falcon 9 rockets at its manufacturing plant at Hawthorne California requires the extra factory space to make its new, more prominent vehicle intended to bring humankind on quick hops across the world and later on to Mars.

The firm has said it would require constructing the BFR near water provided its size, and the Los Angeles port already publicised last month it was discussing to the firm about leasing additional space for undetermined operations. The lease contract will go before the Port of L.A. Board of Commissioners on Thursday.

According to the SpaceX president, Gwynne Shotwell, SpaceX has called the port of LA home to their west coast recovery operations since 2012. The port will play a very crucial role in their mission to help establish humankind multi-planetary as SpaceX starts production development of BFR – their next generation rocket and spaceship system capable of bringing cargo and crew to the Mars, moon and beyond.

Elon Musk uncovered his goal for the BFR during the arrangement in Australia in September. He initially recommended one of the initials stood for a profane word, although Garcetti and Shotwell have since called to it as the “Big Falcon Rocket” as an alternative. 

The BFR will complete all its missions and is smaller than the ones Elon Musk announced last 2016. The SpaceX CEO declared that the rocket would take its initial journey to the red planet in 2022, bringing the only cargo, then followed by a manned mission for 2024 and claimed other products of SpaceX would be cannibalized to compensate for it.

 The space rocket would be incompletely reusable and capable of flight straight from Earth to Mars. Once constructed, Elon believes the missile could be utilized for travel on Earth – telling that passengers would be able to go wherever in under one hour. 

The rocket will bring satellites to cosmos, cargo and crew to the International Space Station and will even lead manned mission to the Mars and moon.