Elon Musk’s SpaceX is doing big things in the space industry but according to the founder, these things are not even close to their future plans. The company debuted the new version of the Falcon 9 rocket this month. The new version called the Block 5 holds a lot of potential. 

The Block 5 is like the company’s biggest selling point right now. According to the Elon Musk, the new design is reusable to the point that the SpaceX make two orbital launches with the same Block 5 rocket in 24 hours. He is not talking about future plans. 

He intends to make this a possibility by next year which is pretty soon. Elon Musk is not indicating that launching a rocket is an easy task. He mentioned that it would not be easy to attain that feat since making a single launch entails a lot of work. 

The company intends the reduce cost by designing launch vehicles to make them fully reusable. Elon Musk noted that the Block 5 is the company’s most reliable rocket currently. In a briefing with reporters, he mentioned that the rocket is more powerful than the Falcon 9. The Block 5 is the last major upgrade in the Falcon 9 series. 

The rocket made its debut launch on May 11 and the launch was successful. The Falcon 9 Block 5 launched a Bangladesh communication satellite called Bangabandhu-1 during the first launch. Bangabandhu-1 will improve communications in Bangladesh and neighboring countries. 

The company had to delay the debut by one day due to some issues. However, the launch successfully happened at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. According to Space X, the rocket can be reflown ten times with minor repair works. 

The same rocket can also be flown up to 100 times with some major refurbishment. 

The Block 5 will embark on more commercial missions and will soon carry humans to space. the rocket will qualify to carry humans into space after successfully flying seven times without any significant modifications. This requirement is one of NASA’s specifications for space rockets that will fly humans.

If SpaceX succeeds in flying humans into space, the company will be the first company after 7 years; the last time the United States flew humans to space was in 2011. 

The Falcon 9 Block 5 returned to Port Canaveral after its debut launch in good condition. It looks healthy without any signs of breakdown.