Scientific experts of NASA have recently asked all those who have a great interest in rocket and are enthusiastic to watch the SpaceX CRS-15 cargo resupply mission. This resupply mission is to the ISS (International Space Station). Few among them will also have golden opportunity to get a chance to see the launch person in real.

The company which will conduct the official resupply mission to the ISS is Elon Musk’s rocket company. And it will do so somewhere in June. The US space agency provides this information.

Also, a SpaceX Dragon cargo spacecraft is going to blast off onboard a Falcon 9 rocket.It will do so from the space launch complex 40. This space launch complex is in Florida.

This mission of cargo resupply will facilitate in delivering a raft of different scientific tools and equipment to the ISS.

There is an excellent opportunity for social media users as well. They will be invited to go behind the scene of the rocket launch. Also, they will be provided with an opportunity to speak with rocket experts of NASA and SpaceX. This is a significant opportunity for them as hardly people get chance to talk with such scientific experts.

Registration for this is open, and an individual can register for this by midnight June 6. As after this NASA won’t be accepting any registrations. Among all, 40 lucky social media users will be selected, who will get the opportunity to attend the event in a similar manner like the press members will do.

Also, NASA will select few members among them and offer them to take a tour of the NASA facilities at Kennedy Space Centre. The lucky visitor will be allowed to take few photographs as well of launch facility.

SpaceX is going to deliver this cargo. And it will be doing this under the commercial resupply service contract of NASA.

SpaceX resupply mission delivers essential instruments which are used by ISS astronauts to study science, life in space, life on earth.

NASA recently said that Cargo includes an investigation related to physical science, which will help US national laboratory research.

The main aim of the investigation related to physical science is to help in improving fundamental understanding of physical interactions between soil and some sediments particles. The sediments particles which are usually found in rivers and oceans.

This resupply mission will carry an ECOsystem Spaceborne Thermal Radiometer, which is a scientific instrument and it will be used for experimenting with the space station to learn about changes in plants due to changes in the amount of water availability.

Along with this, it will also be learned how bacteria can be used to produce electricity from some organic waste material by ISS scientists.