This time rocket was not perfectly fine and probably another technical issue stopped SpaceX from launching their flagship rocket with Intelsat-35E. Heavy storms near LC-39A caused prolonged countdown which was automatically halted at T-10″.

This is second time when SpaceX delays launch of the Falcon with Intelsat-35E satellite. After failed attempt on July 2, was interrupted by the software problems with Guidance System (as claims today SpaceX). Yesterday Company decided to scrub launch again. At T-10 seconds automatic countdown sequence was halted. According to John Insprucker, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 principal integration engineer:“We had an extended countdown today… …We had to wait for the weather, and we got to T-minus 10 seconds before we had a hold, once again, called by the automated abort criteria.” It was impossible to recycle countdown as end of the window was already closing aa launch was already delayed for 58′ due the heavy storm.

SpaceX is not giving more details, but we can assume that poor weather was not only argument for scrubbing launch. Company has not given any additional details. Mission of the Falcon-9 with Intelsat-35E is third mission during last two weeks conducted by SpaceX after BulgariaSat-1 launched on June 23rd and Iridium-11-20 satellites launched on June 25th.