It’s a fact that there are many genetic diseases with which people are suffering in different parts of the world. While some ailments have a cure, some are still waiting for an effective treatment. The genetic code has always been a topic of research for scientists. Efforts have been made to detect the genetic code of the diseases whose cure is still under investigation. Therefore Synthego, whose founders are ex-SpaceX are on the verge of helping the scientists to make use of CRISPR to edit the genetic code.

CRISPR stands for Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats. It is an advanced technology which allows the scientists to alter the genetic material. If worked, it will be a massive success in the field of medical science as an effective treatment of many genetic diseases will be known. CRISPR acts like a scissor with the help of which the genetic materials can be snipped. It will eventually lead to finding the solutions to only how to cure genetic disorders but also growing new crops and much more.

Paul and Michael Dabrowski, the former SpaceX engineers, are not trying to help the scientists in the aspect. Since none of them have genetics background but seeing the immense opportunity in the field, they decided to support the scientists involved in the context. By using effective software, they are helping the scientists to automate the research regarding the matter. Paul and Dabrowski say that CRISPR and genome engineering has a vast potentiality and it can be used in the right direction to fetch the desired results.

The startup Synthego by Paul and Michael Dabrowski is indeed going to create history as there is vast prospect to explore in it. When the scientists can make use of tools like CRISPR in their research, the chances of getting essential outcomes becomes more. With the alteration of genetic materials and its editing, the cure of many fatal genetic diseases can be known and this would ultimately help the humanity as a whole.

Synthego has a great future as both the founders Paul and Michael Dabrowski came from an inspiring background. With their in-depth knowledge of working with tools like CRISPR, they are indeed going to help the scientists in their quest to find the treatment to various genetic ailments. No wonder after few years most of the untreatable diseases would get an effective solution for their treatment.