Launch planned for 01:00 UTC on November 17, 2017, has caught another 24 hours of delay. New launch date was set for November 18, 2017 with 2 hour launch window starting at 01:00 UTC.

Rocket still waits for launch at LC-39A at Kennedy Space Center; everything is also ready for planned landing of the first stage of Falcon at LZ-1 at Cape Canaveral. SpaceX remains again very mysterious about reasons of next 24 hours of delay. Company announced only new launch date with no additional details.

Zuma is classified payload provided by U.S Air Force and planned to be delivered under contract signed after 2014 lawsuit against U.S Air Force.  To remind, in 2014 SpaceX decided to sue U.S.A.F after it decided to give multibillion dollar contract only to ULA. After that rather far from ideal beginning of the cooperation, SpaceX grabbed two contracts for delivering number of classified satellites and payloads. Zuma is one from payloads covered with these two contracts.

There is not much to nothing known about Zuma payload. Basing on informations given previously to public we can only have supposition that Zuma will be delivered to LEO orbit as Falcon-9 will not burn all the fuel and it will perform landing attempt. In fact it was not even confirmed if Zuma is satellite or not.