Yesterday SpaceX was forced to postpone launch of Falcon-9 rocket with Intelsat-35E communications satellite. 24 hours of delay were caused by problem with guidance system of the Falcon-9 remaining at LC-39A launch site at Kennedy Space Center.

Launch was set for 23:36 UTC from LC-39A launch pad. Rocket was ready to deliver to orbit Intelsat-35E, weighing 6761 kg communications satellite built by Boeing on BSS-702MP satellite bus. Nine seconds before T=0 flight specialists spotted some kind of problems with the rocket. According to Launch Director problems appeared in Guidance, Navigation and Control systems. It was not possible to solve this problem before launch (SpaceX did not give any more details what precisely happened with GNS system), and due the fact that end of launch window was closing, decision of scrubbing launch was made. Tanks of the rocket were drained and whole vehicle with payload was secured on launch pad.

Next launch attempt was set for today at 23:37 UTC.