When you hear the term spaceflight or space exploration, what crosses your mind? Do you know what such operations entail? If not, then this is it.

Space exploration refers to the physically exploring of the outer space either by human spaceflight or robotic spacecraft. The concept was demonstrated on Space Ship One that won the 10 million dollars Ansari X Prize in October 2004. The view of Earth from space. The mechanism flips this twin tails of this spacecraft vertical and decelerates the car till the queues to be safely re-extended for a controlled landing. Once free from a carrier, SS2 will light its hybrid rocket engine and zoom into an elevation of more than 100 kilometers, where passengers will experience several minutes of weightlessness before strapping back in their seats for this ride back to Earth.

The Chinese used rockets for military and Aztec functions tens of thousands of years ago, but only in the latter, 50% of the twentieth-century rockets have been developed that are strong enough to overcome the pull of gravitation to attain orbital velocities that may open distance to human exploration. By the early 70s orbiting communications and navigation satellites have been in everyday use. Also, the Mariner spacecraft was orbiting also mapped the surface of Mars.

Space exploration has also been used in proxy competition especially in the geopolitical rivalries for example cold war. Currently, the report has found that many and significant global power. For example, Russia and China are mostly focusing on space weapons that will be able to neutralize satellites unlike those that can destroy payloads on the orbit. Secure world foundation study comes up with defending news that comprehensive collection of public- source information about counter space capability of North Korea, Russia and China, and also other world powers that could be threatening American dominance on the space.

The Pentagon leaders decided to discuss the anti-satellite, and the reference was infamous 2007 Chinese test which destroyed the old Chinese weather satellite thus scattering it into thousands of pieces of debris in orbit. However, in case of an attack in 2018, it is likely to be informed of electronic warfare jamming that makes their equipment not to turn on. Helps to direct the energy to dazzle sensor hence plausibly, hacking a terminal on the ground causing the troops not to operate it. Additionally, this non- kinetic approach and made to render their satellite useless and not destroying their equipment and this strategy is not expensive and is harder to attribute.