The Flight Research Inc. introduces its recent Spaceflight Training Program. Flight Research, Inc., a leading company in Aircraft Maintenance, Advanced Flight Training, and Flight Test Support, announces its recent Human Spaceflight Training Program. The program is said to be recognized by NASA. The training program was developed with the help of NASA’s expert astronauts and commanders. The training program was developed for all tourists who are seeking for a maximum space experience. 

The program also includes Professional Spaceflight Training Course for professionals who wish to enter the spaceflight industry as a support personnel or a crew. The features of the course also include a short history, environmental and technical, safety requirements, G-force simulation and awareness and the physiological factors of a spaceflight. The course also features classroom discussions from astronauts as well as other instructors from the real world experience, especially in Flight Research fleet. 

The Flight Research also utilizes the fleet of an aircraft with a wide range of abilities to provide all the flight test support, flight test pilot and professional training for pilots. The company also provides maintenance services and aircraft leasing for some of the National Test Pilot School. The Flight Research is proud to launch its Human Spaceflight Training Program. The company also believes that education is an important part of the mission of continuing advancement in the aviation industry. 

The Training Couse was recently recognized by NASA’s online and print publications. Flight Research, a leading spaceflight company since 1981, aims to provide better Flight Test Support, Advanced Flight Training, and Spaceflight Training. The Flight Research having been headquartered in California, the company operates and owns more than 40 aircraft which ranges from twinjet to supersonic trainers, helicopters as well as turboprop aircraft. 

The Flight Research Inc., Spaceflight Training Program also includes awareness of the safety requirements and the functional and to move in microgravity. The Flight Research is a company that also offers professional spaceflight courses where it focuses on the commercial spaceflights, research, tourism, space probes and commercial spaceflight. There is also a wide range of course for all the interested individual who wishes to be part of the future spaceflight missions. Technicians, Design analysts, Test Engineers, Program Managers and graduates who are looking for a spaceflight job are all welcome to part of the Spaceflight Training Program of the Flight Research. Flight Research Inc., welcomes all the interested applicants to join the company’s specialized Spaceflight Training Program.