In a recent development in the space flight industries, two very important commercial rideshares have been booked on Arianespace’s Vega Rocket. This mission will begin its journey in the early part of 2019 with a proof-of-concept. The manufacturing will be done in new Italy, in the form of the multi-payload instrument. It is mainly being built to involve small satellites as well as CubeSats that will find a way to ride into the orbit. The contract of the launch will involve the scope of work such as the launching of the microsatellite and a good amount of CubeSats in the initial phase. It has been made as an adaptor structure for executing this rideshare mission which will involve multiple spacecraft inside a rocket flight rather than a primary payload.

The names, as well as the owners pertaining to the satellites which are set to launch within the Small Spacecraft Mission in the early part of 2019, are not yet revealed. Meanwhile, it has been announced that Vega Rocket will start its journey from Guiana Space Centre, located on the northeast coast of South America and travel into the orbit which will be around more than some hundred miles from the earth’s surface.

The main office of Spaceflight is in Seattle. It is mainly a payload aggregator. The main job of spaceflight is to arrange for launch services of small satellite service providers. This company has already tried similar activity on Indian, Russian and U.S. Launchers.

In an exclusive interview the president of Spaceflight, Mr. Curt Blake said that it was a strategic deal to come to an agreement with Vega. It will only help them to increase their market demand for the same. The idea is mainly for those organizations which a variety of plans to launch small satellites. He is also very excited to include Arianespace as one of the launch partners. This company also has a contract with the Space Agency, NASA for the purpose of manufacturing rocket rides meant for commercial use.

On the other hand, this deal with Spaceflight has also been an advantage for Avio. It is an Italian company which provides the lead contracting work for the manufacturing of Vega Rocket. It also designs for Small Spacecraft Mission services. Another company named as SAB Aerospace will have the end to end responsibility of manufacturing the carbon & fiber made SSMS structure.