Two companies run by individual billionaires are taking the space tourism mission by storm. People are almost close enough to spend their vacation for the first time beyond our Earth in the latter part of this year. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin are hitting significant achievements in this regard. In the early part of April in this year, SpaceShip Two of the Virgin Galactic made a successful long-awaited first powered test flight. Again on April 29, Blue Origin also made a critical test launch of its New Shepherd Rocket. This rocket is supposed to be equipped with a crash test dummy and a bunch of scientific experiments.

According to Christian Davenport, we are very close to creating history as he wrote the same in his novel named as the “The Space Barons.” He feels that both Bezos and Branson are pretty determined to bring passengers to space in the latter part of this year. In fact, they have invested an enormous amount of their wealth even though it is a very risky gamble that both of these men are taking up.

Davenport has further mentioned that very few people have moved to space till date. A mere 560 people have been successful in achieving this feat. But among such people majority have been astronauts who feel that such journey was more of transformative. In this situation what Bezos and Branson’s desire is to give ordinary people the pleasure of roaming in the space, help them witness the curvature of the earth, the black silence of the space and beautiful blue-greenish atmosphere of the earth. Although the Virgin Galactic boss had been saying that space tourism was round the corners, the plan did not materialize due to some unforeseen circumstances. A mishap during a test flight in 2014, further delayed the proceedings. But now everything seems to be on track.

The Virgin Galactic is all ready to take the passengers to a historic ride that will launch from the futuristic Spaceport America whose concrete as well as glass domes rises from the desert in rural New Mexico. Passengers will board a six seated vehicle where the cost of each ticket is priced at $200,000 and $ 250,000

On the other hand, Blue Origin is all making its last-minute preparation to give their customers a similar sort of experience. Its spacecraft will launch from the West Texas launch site carrying six passengers to space.