Only three men were there but the entirely peaceful message delivered by them was seen by the billion people. And as a matter of fact, the timing actually could not have been superior.

Apollo 8 has been credited along with the “saving” a dreadful year. In the year 1968 the whole world was a complete mess. Basically, in that year, America was divided politically. Heroes Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. got gunned down by the assassins. Lot of US troops were actually dying than ever in Vietnam War. In fact, people were actually questioning the authority as well as resisting the status quo.

But in this recent Christmas Eve, the entire Apollo 8 crew named Bill Anders, Frank Borman, and Jim Lovell created a history. They have made a magical situation for the entire people of the world. For the first time, the human being had stepped into another world and people got surprised the news as well.

After stepping into another world, they have recorded a live video for the entire people of the world. They have stated “This is Apollo 8 coming to you live from the moon,” in the video. Borman has announced this statement direct from the space after they have activated a small hand-held TV camera on the hand. But the crew also took few minutes to broadcast live. They have also showed all the viewers that how the moon actually looks like almost 70 miles far away from the surface.

Eventually, when they were live broadcasting the video, NASA had stated all the astronauts that they must say something unique, exceptional and appropriate at that time. The moment was absolutely magical, almost 1 billion people in 64 countries were tuning in.

Borman continued his story that they were approaching the lunar sunrise. The crew of Apollo 8 gave a message to the people, ‘in the beginning, God created heaven and Earth’. Each and every astronaut read few lines from Bible’s Book of Genesis at that point.

While continuing the story, finally Borman greeted all merry Christmas and shared blessings from the space to all of the people of earth. They have captured the moment, which is considered as a historical moment.  

So, after a series of dark tragedies, the entire peaceful message turned out to be the welcome bright spot for America as well as the entire world.