In the recent past, two companies that have owners as billionaire entrepreneurs. The two people are Richard Bronson who does own Virgin Galactic and Jeff Bezo’s Blue Origin. The two companies have been making research on Space tourism. This is mainly how people will be available to travel to space and back. The researcher has been able to achieve a breakthrough. This does mean that we are almost getting closer than we thought. In April, Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo did complete the first powered test flight. Before the end of April, they were able to launch its New Shepard rocket.

This rocket was equipped with a test dummy and a handful of scientific experiments. The questions pop ‘Are about to start traveling trips to space?’ Christian Davenport has confessed that it might be happening soon. Christian via his book that is dubbed ‘The Space Barons.’ This book does explain in detail how all that was done. Bezos and Branson have the mission of being able to take customers that will pay to the moon and more. Davenport has said that even if investing in space exploration is a very risky affair, it may also end up bringing you all the good tidings.

Not very many people have able to visit the space. The number of people who have traveled to the moon is five hundred and sixty. Davenport went on to say that What Branson and Bezos have been able to do is meant to make it easier for the common citizen to be able to see each curvature of the earth, see the blackness of space and be able to use the thin blue greenish hue of the atmosphere. Despite all these successes that have been achieved, it is just normal to have very many doubts. Space tourism has been talking for very many years. Virgin Galactic had several setbacks during the test flights in the year 2014.

Branson has always made a promise that someday people will be able to visit the space. Well, that is due to happen soon. With each advancement, it brings the dream more closely. The Virgin Galactic experience is set to start at a futuristic Spaceport America. Passengers can board SpaceShipTwo which is a very sleek spaceplane, and it can hold six passengers that can occupy. There are also largest aircraft that are available. The SpaceShipTwo has detached itself. It does light its rockets engines and does the shooting off towards speed a very super-fast speed.