It is very difficult for the mass to explain that space is also a very important part of our national security concerns. Ordinary people know very little about the arms and the forces and other activities that are going on in the space. The same was the situation with retired officer General Jim Mattis. Little did he know about the vast activities that were revolving within the space, till he became the secretary of the defense section. Mr. Mattis even confessed that little idea did he had about the complexities which were revolving around the space until the time of his confirmation. He thanked Mike Rogers for bringing these issues before him during a meeting which was held on last week.

The new era of development

Under the leadership of Mr. Mattis, the new advanced strategy has been developed, and space is now considered as a warfare field. As a result, the military budget of the various space programs has been enhanced by 14 percent.

Eric Fanning said that it was a challenging job to make people understand that why it is very important to secure our space and why it is also considered as part of the National Security Campaign. Fanning is an ex-secretary of the defense force. He has undergone many security-related briefings on this subject matter. He has expressed the concerns that all such persons who have been briefed about the security concerns spanning over space will kno0w how important it is to keep the space war free. But those people who are not part of the government will not know the importance of the same.

AIA which an establishment which deals with the investment of the government with respect to the defense section have opined the importance of such space warfare.

Detailed observation

Fanning has raised concerns about the fact that how important it is for us to design an architecture to safeguard our space industry. Just like the internet that has been developed, it will be equally necessary to span out such information development. If such information technology is developed for the space industry, this would help to communicate with the ordinary people and help them educate about the various activities that are going on in space.

Mr. Robert Kehler has said that the environment has made a turnaround from the time when the cold war ended. He further added that present day scenario is far more complex than the time of Cold War.