The zeal to fly in space is astonishing, but before moving to the deep space, you need to prepare yourself for the same. You may also get nauseatic during the journey. The possibility to have a spaceflight is now open to all. Jeff Bezos wants to make it a reality in less than a year. Richard Branson has speculated it to be possible in next six months and Elon Musk is committed to it.

But all this is not a zero-gravity amusement or a game alone. Dr. Anna Fisher, with substantial exposure to a space flight, is the first mother to complete a spaceflight on NASA’s Discovery in 1984. She has also observed problems faced during such journeys. The issue of puking and besmirching the flight of others who have spent around $250000 for the spaceflight is quite gruesome. Throwing up or vomiting on ground and vomiting in space are two different things. It’s odd on the land, but then, it’s oddest in space. Space sickness, scientifically known Space Adaptation Syndrome (SAS) is a common illness in space. Gherman Titoy, who got confounded in Vostok II in 1961, was the first one to vomit and be nauseous in space, breaking all the world records.

This is the reason why astronauts go through years and years of training to be able to overcome the unusual and abnormal effects. Training helps the astronauts combat the effects of being in space. The difference between being in space incorporates a difference in cardiovascular activity, respiratory function, bone density, and vision. On the ground, things are healthy because we have adapted to the effects of gravity. Once the gravity starts to diminish the situation turns squiffy. 

The vestibular system in our bodies is responsible for space sicknesses like nausea and vomiting. The vestibular system helps us maintain balance and normality on the ground. When it comes to the prospective space tourists, the whole scenario can result in difficulty. For this, the European astronaut, Alexander Gerst, presented how to deal with the fresh experience that one goes through in space under the zero gravity. For him, it is all about training the brain. Brain should not get puzzled with the squabbling senses. A trained mind has least chances of suffering space sickness. According to him, it is hard to imagine all the space tourists getting the specially designed, spew-carousels for training. So, the first flight might be an oddball for the space tourists.