There is no surprise in saying that setting up parliamentary procedures anywhere is a big problem, be it earth or space, because it involves human interactions. The space kingdom of Asgardia is the first global space organization. Their primary motto is to promote peaceful use of space and to protect the Earth from any possible space hazards. Also, they aim to establish a de-militarized and free scientific base of knowledge up in space.

Founded in 2016, Asgardia`s representatives are preparing groundwork to send humans to the stars. To begin with, the approval of the Asgardian constitution was riddled issues. Asgardia has its flaws, for there was no way you could vote a “no” against that constitution since 180,000 people had already registered as its citizens online. This means that founder Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli would have complete control over the parliamentary procedure and therefore over the “Supreme Space Council.”

Conspiracy theories spread like wildfire on the forum of a Vienna-based NGO, that an authoritarian takeover has happened. This led to utter chaos in Asguardia. Asguardians developed trust issues with their governing body and question their democratic processes. Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli and his procedures were criticized in media. However, 72.5% of the Asgardian members voted “acceptance” to the constitution.

All the elements of Earth’s politics seemed to have caught up with the one in space as well. The only way Asgardian citizens could actually effect change was by running for office portfolios of the government. However, the website was still in beta and posed as a limitation for its citizens to voice out their problems and opinions. There were a bunch of citizens who wished to secure themselves a parliamentary seat but could not. They raised the questions if the system was rigged. This seemed just like elections on earth. Asgardia took baby steps to reach space and left earth soon.

Asguardia successfully launched a small satellite into the orbit. The satellite had half a terabyte worth of information, al about the plans of the space nation. It included digital copies of both the flag and the constitution.

Even though at a very preliminary stage, Asgardia give the earth high hopes of getting an actual functioning space nation with earth-friendly regulations. The organization began with some serious thoughts, but it is yet to see if their monarchial rule and rigged election processes can match their hopes of the launchpad being a successful one in future.