is trying to study better synchronization of radio frequency spectrum to protect the satellite communications from the terrestrial interference. In a speech at the Hudson Institute, Scott pace viewed the fact that preserving the range which is required for the satellite services for efforts all around the world so that the spectrum in respect of terrestrial 5G services can be availed of to protect American Ventures which are planning for the satellite systems.

According to Scott, the United States do have a healthy satellite communication industry, which is very much required to compete in the global market. To ensure that the US retains the dominance in the space industry, the nation needs to open up and after that promote competitive markets and also protect the spectrum allocation to allow the space services to compete.

The problem according to him would be that every country may try to use spectrum which is required for satellite service for terrestrial applications such as 5G broadband which tends to create an interference with the satellite system. This may lead to the building of different problems to such countries which are out of the spectrum specifications. Just as radio waves do not stop at the borders, so the unrestricted terrestrial wireless use in of the nations would undoubtedly make it impossible for the neighboring countries to use such frequency. This scenario will ultimately have a negative impact on the global economy, and it is very much necessary to have a comprehensive approach to safeguard the US space commerce.

In the year of 2019, World Radiocommunication Conference is going to take place where it is believed that proposals will be given to allow terrestrial use of some of the satellite spectrum. In such a conference the topic of protecting the satellite spectrum will be raised. There will be an immediate requirement of safeguarding the satellite gateway earth stations in specific frequency bands.

It has been so decided that the national Space Council is trying to examine how the Department of State, Commerce as well the FCC can better integrate among themselves to safeguard the spectrum which is necessary for space commerce. Such a situation is very much required to ensure better and fair competition in both the space and the terrestrial applications. 

In fact, the concept of “Stewardship and protection” of the satellite spectrum was recommended in the National Space Council meeting held last previously at the NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.