Soyuz Rocket Launches Russia’s Meteor M2-2 Weather Satellite on Rideshare Mission

According to the report, there were a grand total of thirty-three satellites which were launched on the Soyuz rocket.

It was a Friday bright sunny morning, the date being 5th of July 2019 when Russia got success in launching its Soyuz rocket. This rocket consists of the Meteor M2-2 which is a weather satellite by its and attributes. Along with it, Russia also launched thirty-two other satellites which are much smaller in size into the orbit.

So what exactly is the Meteor M2-2? This Meteor works as a remote sensing satellite. It belongs to the Meteor-M series and is the third one in the row. Russia has been launching such weather satellite into space. The first one which was called Meteor-M No1 was launched by Russia in the year 2009. the next one which was called the Meteor M2 was launched in the year 2014. The original Meteor M2 was launched with the intention of a mission which would last for at least five years by Russia. The number three satellite, Meteor2-1 was eventually could not be found due to the failure which was faced by Russia in the year 2017.