Roscosmos confirmed officially that Soyuz-FG rocket with Soyuz spacecraft was already rolled out at Baikonur Cosmodrome and are waiting for launch planned for tomorrow.

Soyuz-FG was rolled out yesterday on July 26 from assembly facility, to the launch Pad 1 known better as Gagarin’s Start. Rocket was delivered horizontally on special railed platform and next it was raised to horizontal position.

Rocket will be launched on July 27, 2017 at 15:41 UTC with three crew members of Expedition 52: Commander Sergey Ryazansky (Roscosmos), Flight Engineer 1 Paolo Nespoli (ESA, Italy) and Flight Engineer 2 Randy Bresnik (NASA). Trio will spent in side ISS following month and will return to Earth on September 2, 2017.


Soyuz MS-05 will perform short flight to ISS just like during previous two missions; it is one of the difference as first two missions of Soyuz-MS vehicles to ISS took around 24 hours. It will reach International Space Station around 22:00 UTC on July 28, 2017 and dock to Rassvet module.