Another mission for National Reconnaissance Office was delayed again. This time main, but not direct reason for postponing launch from September 14 to later date, was Irma hurricane which coming to Cape Canaveral.

According to official statement of United Launch Alliance we will not see Atlas V 541 delivering to orbit classified payload for National Reconnaissance Office on September 14. Company explained that critical employees who are responsible for launch and pre launch preparations are returning to their families at Florida, as Irma hurricane will hit Cape Canaveral on Monday morning. Atlas V remains secured with integrated payload at Space Launch Complex-3, Company decided to postpone flight as all employees will return to Vandenberg AFS. ULA have not announced possible launch date for NROL-42.

Meanwhile at Cape Canaveral ULA still prepares for Irma, securing equipment, ground infrastructure and facilities. hurricane will probably hit Cape Canaveral on Monday 18th September in the morning hours local time.