According to previous information about possible offering Dream Chaser spaceplane on international markets, Sierra Nevada announced on June 28, 2016, about starting cooperation with United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA).

It seems that 2016 is lucky for Sierra Nevada Corporation. First, on January 2016, Company was chosen along with orbital ATK and SpaceX, as one of the contractors under CRS 2 program, which covers resupply missions for International Space Station; all three contracts have estimated value of $14 Billion. Contract signed with NASA will open doors for Sierra Nevada for using their Dream Chaser spaceplane in delivering payloads to ISS and from ISS to Earth. Company is still not resting on laurels. As it was announced on 2015, Sierra Nevada was strongly interested in entering with their spaceplane to international commercial market. Company started negotiations with ESA and DLR about possible further participation of European Space Agency in Dream Chaser development along with possible contracting Dream Chaser in future as one of  vehicles used by ESA for delivering payload to space. Now it seems that SNC is planning to seek new business opportunities.

Sierra Nevada and United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) signed Memorandum of Understanding for delivering host payloads during future Dream Chaser missions. UNOOSA is organization established in 1962 and exists under the United Nations Secretariat based in Vienna. Its objectives cover both supporting developing countries in possessing access to space and space technologies for civilian purposes along with supporting international dialogue regarding space exploration. SNC with Dream Chaser will help developing countries in improving own research programs, designing, manufacturing satellites and various experiments without creating whole infrastructure or necessity of contracting expensive commercially available rockets. According to official statement of Sierra Nevada Corporation, UNOOSA will contract number of flights with Dream Chaser and provide its payload space for countries which are participating in UNOOSA programs. In this way Dream Chaser become first spaceplane used commercially on international market.