CNSA will launch their latest experimental satellite to perform tests of new electric ion thruster which will be used in future communications satellites manufactured in China.

Satellite is known as SJ-13 (Shijian-13) and was based on DFH-3B bus. It was designed and manufactured by CAST (China Academy of Space Technology). It will operate from GEO orbit for 15 years.

Satellite will be equipped with experimental electric propulsion and also will be used for testing laser communication terminal for transmitting data from Earth to space. In spite of these objectives, satellite will be also first Chinese communications spacecraft equipped with high-throughput satellite payload operating on Ka band. It will be able to provide capacity of 20gb per second for multimedia and other communications services. Satellite will be delivered to orbit by Long March 3B rocket, which will be launched from Xichang Satellite Launch Center. SJ-13 will operate from 110.5° East orbital slot.