One of the main Spacex’s Customers, Luxembourg based SES satellite operator, decided to contract next mission scheduled for Falcon-9 rocket with refurbished booster. 

After success of the SES-10 mission which also involved Falcon-9 with refurbished first stage, SES decided to purchase another Falcon-9 with already used booster.

The SES-10 satellite was launched on the top of the first reused Falcon-9 rocket March 30 from Kennedy Space Center; second satellite which reached space using refurbished Falcon-9 was BulgariaSat 1 communications satellite  launched on the top of the June 23 this year.


Weighing 5400 kg SES-11 satellite will probably delivered to orbit on the top of the Falcon-9 rocket with booster used once during Dragon automatic cargo spacecraft launched this year on February 19. It landed during vertical touchdown at Landing Zone 1 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. SES-11 will be launched this year, but probably not earlier than September 27, 2017.

Satellite was based on Eurostar-3000 satellite bus and manufactured by Airbus Defence and Space. It will operate from GEO orbit for at least 15 years covering with its  24 Ku-band transponders and 24 C-band transponders area covered now by  AMC-15 satellite operating at 105° West.