Elysium, USA based Company which offers place inside Cubesat satellites for cremated remains announced on May 16th that plans for 2018 putting their Elysium Star II satellite as piggyback payload for Falcon-9 rocket.

It will be second attempt performed by Elysium – first one failed after launch when Super Strypi sounding rocket failed to reach planned orbit. This time Company decided to choose as a contractor experienced partner. To remind, Super Strypi was experimental rail launched rocket – completely different comparing to Falcon-9 which is offered on commercial market for a long time.

Again payload of the Elysium Star II is unchanged. These will be cremated remains of relatives, friends or any other close persons to Customers who decided to pay through Elysium website $2,490 for sending few grams of cremated remains to Short Synchronous Orbit for two years and track their position by special application available for smartphones.

Elysium is also planning to offer another service with price starting at $9,950. It covers delivering remains to the Moon. Service will be developed in the cooperation with Astrobotic Technology of Pittsburgh.