In a recent study, scientists have found out two strange lasers which are coming out of the vast ant nebula. The mysterious blast that took place proves that the cluster is concealing a double star system in its core position. Generally, the rare explosion is linked with the death of a star which was spotted by the Herschel space observatory of the European Space Agency.

In such situations when stars such as our Sun get to approach the death position, They convert themselves into the dense and white combination stars. As they transform themselves, they forego their outer layers of gas and dust into the space creating a unique effect that is being seen across the entire universe.        

However, in recent research, the scientists have further discovered that there is even more drama to this finding in comparison to what was found on the previous occasion. According to a new development it has been seen that stars also throw out powerful lasers.

However, in case of space ant, the scientists are not clear regarding where the light is coming out. However till now what the scientists have figured out that it may appear to be a twin star system which is in the process of counting its last phase of life. It is located in the middle of the beautiful nebula which is in other words known as Menzel-3. The name is given after creator who was the first one to reveal the fact that stars also have the capability to emit laser in this way.

When we look at the Menzel-3, we can find out amazingly intricate structures which are mainly made up of ionized gas. This statement was made by Isabel Aleman who is the lead author of a newspaper and an expert in space exploration. It is due to Herschel Observatory and it’s wide wavelength range that it was possible for the scientists to detect the unique type of emission which was referred to as the Hydrogen recombination line laser emission. It was a process by which it was possible to detect the structure and the physical condition of nebula.

In usual conditions, the area around the stars is empty and dead because the actors are throwing off different materials into space and the remaining gas is withdrawn back into the lead. However, in case of the ant nebula, it appears that there is a second star that is capturing the mass in the process of ejection.