Climate change is considered to be one of the crucial problems that will affect the Earth in the coming year. But the real question is do we have to wait till effects the Earth very badly? And isn’t climate change already affecting a large part of our planet?

Humans have been causing a great impact on the Earth for their selfish need. If you need proof for this, all you need is to have a look at the satellite imagery of our Blue Planet. A couple of satellite images have been released by the NASA Observatory showing the drastic transformation of the geography of the Earth over the past years. Deforestation, forest fires, melting glaciers and widespread urbanization are the main causes of this transformation. Most of the images are in sets of a picture taken some years back and pictures were taken 20 to 40 years ago. Even though there is the hand of nature in the climate change as the Earth has been constantly shifting, changing and transforming over years, a major role is also played by the human population.

One of the main examples of change caused by the humans is urbanization. The satellite examples will give you the right examples. Take the case of Dubai in 2000, where the cost line was untouched by the country’s oil boom. But in 2011 the county’s economy skyrocketed and the same area became occupied with shopping malls, hotels, skyscrapers and even man-made islands.

Climate change is one of the biggest contributors to the environment’s anthropogenic changes. The satellite images show the Glacier National Park located in Montana’s Rockey Mountains. By the end of the year 1800, the park had about 250 glaciers. In the present stage, the park has only 26 glaciers none of which is expected to survive the coming years. Also the year 2017 witnessed a series of hurricanes that affected the areas of U.S mainland and parts of the Caribbean. The effects of this disaster were so worse that can be seen by the satellite images from NASA.

There are many areas which cause climate changes. The satellite feeds will help us to understand the damage caused as well as the extent of damage to take necessary measures. It will also help us to identify improvements in the climatic change. Some of the places that have undergone a big change as per the satellite images are the Amazon rainforest due to deforestation, the shrinking Aral Sea and the mining of mountaintop in West Virginia.