Russian inspection satellite reached first object

New experimental Russian satellite designed for inspecting spacecrafts remaining on their orbits performed first successful inspection.

Satellite was launched inside special container installed at Kosmos-2519 satellite launched from from Pad 4 at Site 43 at Plesetsk Cosmodrome on June, 23 2017. Satellite was delivered on the top of the Soyuz 2-1v  rocket to 800 km orbit. According to various sources Kosmos-2519 was designed as geodetic satellite for military purposes. Now it is quite sure that inspite of taking measurements and pictures, satellite also had number of different tasks.

Russian Ministry of Defense announced on August 23, 2017, that Kosmos-2519 successfully deployed from special container nanosatellite “Inspector”. It is probably fourth experimental vehicle preceded by another satellites deployed from  Kosmos-2491, Kosmos-2499 and Kosmos-2504 satellites. It was at least partially confirmed as different tracking stations spotted that Kosmos-2519 synchronized its orbit with  Kosmos-2486 reconnaissance satellite which was launched on June 7, 2013.

Inspector satellite is probably equipped with number of sensors and cameras to take measurements and pictures and send them to ground control station. Such data could help in evaluating source of problems with spacecraft or get data necessary for estimating condition of the observed satellite.

Official announcement has not covered more details of the approach or any information regarding results of the experiment. Also it is not clear what exactly task for Inspector was or how it influence on mission of Kosmos-2486.