Russia is all set to launch the new missile to break the US communication as well as the US intelligence satellites out of its position. Sources have confirmed the fact that “Nudol” rocket has been successfully launched at the Plesetsk Cosmodrome which is actually situated 500 miles from north of Moscow. This incident took place on 26th of March. This was the sixth time that Putin is reported to have tested. However, state laws have claimed the fact that this missile is actually meant for defense and is not intended for space. However, as history shows, Nudol was first time launched from the eventual transporter.

US military officials, however, have claimed that these missiles are mainly launched to place them out of the earth’s atmosphere and to outperform the US military satellites out of the kinetic energy. This test was made out of tension that was boiling town with the Russian government and that of other western powers. The other powers that are confronting with Russia are Britain and France.

Other reports in details

According to the Intelligence report of the Defense that was released in 2015, Russia’s space defense is considered to be a very important part of the national defense.

Not only is this a vital data but it has also come to the forefront that Russian counterparts have set up anti-satellite arms as well as anti-satellite development equipment. Pentagon officials have warned of the fact that these satellite equipment would create much destruction to the US space industry. He further added the fact that the launch of these satellites could be very harmful as it would result in loss of GPS data to a great extent. This will, in turn, take out a significant portion of the important weapons that could have been delivered and also it would lead to the reduction in standoff capability.

According to Commander of the Joint Functional Component for space, Russia thinks that the US is dependent on Russia as far as space industry is concerned and that now the US is increasing its presence in the space industry. US officials are also very concerned about the Chinese anti-satellite equipment and are considering them as a threat to their defense security.

US official has further confirmed that if there will be any revolt with China or Russia, then they would be required to give justification against any attack and anti-satellite campaigns carried on by these two nations.