Russia and the United States are on a shared path in exploring the space and will most likely to fly together and explore the planet Mars, says by former astronaut, Ronald Sega. According to Sega, Russian and US are on the same path in exploring the different places in space. Mars has been the focus of most government and private space agencies today. 

Sega also added that the partnership of Russia and US and the planned exploration to the Mars would eventually succeed. When asked about the future and the cooperation of the US and Russia in space will be among the worst relationship of the two large countries. He also emphasized these two countries will always work together. The scientists of both the two countries have worked together during the different ups and downs that both of the nations have faced. 

As an astronaut, he also noted is his first space flight with the Russian cosmonaut, Sergei Krikalev. His first space flight took place on Space Shuttle Discovery, 1994. Sega described his first flight as an “excellent experience,” and he also pointed out the significance of the collaboration between these two countries. The cooperation of all the space communities will be beneficial to all, and this will provide them with the data they need for their missions and space explorations. 

Sega also made mentioned about the future space explorations of US and Russia. As what expected, Russia and US will move together and aims to provide people with knowledge about the latest space news and data about Mars. The collaboration of the two countries has done better regarding space and weather satellites which is beneficial for people. According to Sega, the continues collaboration of US and Russia will help a lot of people on Earth. 

Despite the worsening relations between the United States and Russia, when it comes to the space cooperation, the relationship continues to flourish. In September, NASA and Roscosmos are planning to build a gateway to their future space missions in the lunar orbit. Russia is also planning to launch its unmanned and manned spacecraft to Mars and the moon for further exploration. Russia also intends to trace possible life forms on Mars with their European Space Agency. The said lunar mission is expected to take place by as early as next year.