In the previous year, Elon Musk was in all praise after he proposed a plan for traveling from one city to another with the help of a rocket that is predominantly meant for use in the outer space. Today Space X CEO has also added further to such plans by saying that the requisite technology and advanced knowledge will be completed within a decade of executing the plans. She has confirmed that within a decade the company will also plan to go to Mars.

Proposal in details

According to the sources, a lot more will happen within a decade. The idea behind this is to build up a rocket which will have the space to carry a close to 100 people which will be able to move around the globe much like an aircraft and travel from one point to the other point with less time to spare than that of a plane. The speed will be such that the rocket will be able to travel half of the globe within 30 or maximum 40 minutes. Shotwell has stated that the ticket price would be equivalent to that of any business class or economy class flight ticket. She is personally very interested in this mission. This is so because she personally feels that the situation should be such that if she travels to Riyadh in the morning, then she should be able to come back to her home by night and have dinner.

When questioned about the fact that how can a journey be so cost-effective, Shotwell has answered that the efficiency level will be increased for the fact that the speed at which the rocket will travel. At such a faster speed, the rocket will be able to transfer the same distance 10 times a day, while a large commercial plane will travel the same distance maybe once in a whole day.

Ease of Travelling

Thus every one person who has a job of traveling to different places around the world or his job involves meeting various clients on daily basis across the globe, then he or she will be highly benefited from this project. Within a stipulated time a person can travel from one corner of the world to another corner of the world within half an hour or at the most one hour to spend. This will not only ease out traveling aspect but also save valuable time.