According to CBS local NASA has shown its intentions on whatever they are planning to do in space exploration. The space agency has released news that they are working on building a swarm of robot bees that will fly on the surface of the Red Planet.

A press release on 30th march claimed that they will launch the ‘ Marsbees’ and drop them on the planet then spread surveying the taking samples and searching for signs of a living organism. The bees will help in exploring Mars. This will make the process cheaper than it was.

A scientist called Kang said that the bees will be able to maneuver the atmosphere and under lower gravity on Mars. The bees would have batteries will that would be charged at different times when need be. 

These bees would help in relaying information back to the sender immediately after they have acquired the data. Using the bees is a faster way to get information about planet Mars and other related bodies. They would make landings to collect samples and survey the grounds below before returning back to their home base to recharge their power.

In an email sent to NBC by the assistant professor of mechanical engineering at the University Alabama, it was disclosed that the bees would carry a discriminatory 3D camera to construct arrangements of the physical feature of the area as well as creating a topographic map of the vicinity.

The drone-like feature will aid in getting information from the planet as they will be fast and reliable since astronauts and scientist don’t have to get themselves to the Red Planet. It will also be cost efficient of learning about the planet.

Exploring Mars before visiting it will also be possible and this will help in knowing what is inside it. One of the jobs that the bees would do is taking samples of the air to test the presence of methane on the ground. This can be viewed as a way identifying the existence of life.

Navigating through the rocky planet would be made easier by the use of these bees. Exploring the planet by air is also safer as heavy winds are very harmful to human as they can sweep anything on their way. But if one bee is carried by the wind, it is not a great loss as the others will still be functioning.