SSL, which is a former Maxar Technology company based in Palo, Alto and a leading provider of the most innovative spacecraft systems and satellites had announced that they were chosen by NASA’s JPL for the mission.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) had selected SSL in order to design and create some of the most critical equipment and materials used for a spacecraft prior to the Europa (one of the mons of Jupiter) exploration. The award is reflecting the leadership role and service integrity of SSL in the space industry as the valuable contractor that supports the mission of NASA to accelerate the innovation prior to the new space economy.

SSL had said on Tuesday that it will help in the development of the Remote Engineering Unit, which will act as the interface between the thermal sensor, flight computer and attitude control system of the spacecraft of Europa Clipper while supporting the anticipated deep missions for space explorations. 

The spacecraft Europa Clipper that is set to blast off in the 2020s will do repetitive investigative flybys prior to Europa. It is an icy moon of the planet Jupiter that makes it as a strong evidence suggesting that there is a liquid under its crust, which potentially harboring certain conditions that the planet can be a suitable place to live for humans, plants, and animals. 

Because of the environment of the spacecraft that is viewed to be highly radiative, SSL’s design for the interface will make sure that the innovative radiation-resistant components are included and it is expected to assist the powerful exploration missions of the space agency. Richard White, the president of the SSL Government System had his stand to this innovation and partnership.

“SLL has its rich legacy when it comes to supporting the missions under the NASA space agency using our commercial capabilities, as well as innovative technologies,” White said. “Our work prior to the missions for the Europa Clipper will continue our legacy with JPL and NASA, as well as furthers our goal to create disruptive technologies, which can help provide advancement to the human’s space mission.”

Some of the most notable examples of the long-term and trust collaborations of the SSL with the space agency on the deep space discovery include the NASA Discovery Program and Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway. Indeed, SSL had a big role in the NASA’s programs and successful missions not only in the field of exploration but in research, as well.