Money can apparently make a person wish for certain high profile dreams. Just like it happened to a group of Rich men who desires to behold the Earth all the time from space. These rich guys along with big corporations want to see the microbial movement of the Earth in space with the assistance of video cameras that are going to be installed in the outer space. Each and every event that is going around the Earth will be captured unfiltered.

There is a company known as Earth Now LLC which has investors like Airbus, Bill Gates, Greg Wyler and Softbank. The organization has made an announcement on April 18th which suggests that they are planning on deploying very big constellation which will be containing imaging satellite. This constellation will be able to deliver continuous and real-time video to almost every part of the Earth. The main objective of this mission is to provide the customers with the opportunity of watching real-time events that are occurring on each and every part of the world.

Also, the website of the EarthNow claims that this constellation will also check for fishing ships that are illegal and will look for evolving typhoons and hurricanes. An incident such as migration of a very big whale can also be observed. You can term this whole phenomenon as the presence of a global surveillance network in the space that has a private owner.

The cameras that will be providing the footages will be placed on top of the satellites. These satellites will be crafted by OneWeb which is a satellite Internet Company of Wyler. The real live footages will be captured by the virtue of these ingenious cameras.

The CEO, Russell Hannigan of EarthNow has stated that this facility will make the customers take a look at the Earth live and also in an unfiltered manner. This will make them understand our mother planet in a better way and also will teach us to give value to our one and only home. The company has also claimed that the intelligent vision and live videos that they will be collecting would first be sold to a group of enterprise and government customers. If this mission becomes successful then it will be an amazing experience to witness each and every event that takes place on Earth that too “live”. With big investors like Bill Gates, Softbank, Greg Wyler and Airbus there are high hopes circumfering the mission.