A scientist at the US Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Dan Hooper claims that through Dyson Spheres technology, stars could be collected and stored by extraterrestrials. This technology is a feature, which is capable of determining the siphon of a lead and its vast energy relevantly. According to a research paper by Dr. Hooper, alien species could use Dyson spheres to stay alive in space.  He said the dark energy present in the Universe is the primary factor to expand the space in an accelerating way. Considering this the stars residing in the local group will not be observable and will fall beyond the cosmic horizon in the next 100 billion years. 

In fact, an advanced civilization could choose rapidly to increase its access to useable energy. By building Dyson Spheres around the stars, this will create to accelerate those stars towards the middle of the civilization. The hypothetical scenario stated that latest technological alien species could aim stars to use their fantastic power in the solar system. According to researchers, space is quickly maximizing, and the distance between stars and planets is increasing. 

In the year 1992 astronomer, Edwin Hubble introduced that the universe is expanding at a rate of 68km/s. This expansion is known to be the significant bang aftermath, this time the Universe was erupted as into existence. Then different measurements provide different result about the expansion. 

According to Sherry Sulu, of the Mx Planck Institute, the rate of expansion of the Universe is beginning to be measured in various ways, which will undoubtedly provide the actual precision of the new physics beyond the present understanding of the Universe. 

Dr. Hopper argued that within 100 billion years from now, all such matter which is not gravitationally bound to the Milky Way Galaxy will “casually drift away” into the void.

Dyson sphere-bound stars could circumvent this problem by creating gravitational pools around which civilizations could gather. According to the scientists, it is determined to increase the ability to use the energy throughout the universe and store as much stars which could be accessible. The research said that the molecules found in space could be brought and tested to know more about the Alien species living in the space. There could be some possibility that the aliens may exist in space and currently researchers are experimenting the same and trying to give the exact information.