Advancement of space technology seems to be constantly debated. There are often funding changes to space programs. Expenses can also get out of control when there is no proper regulation. A meeting has been called to discuss this and many other aspects of the space industry. A gathering of the National Space Council was called to order with only a 48 hour warning. February 21, 2018 marks the date.

NASA has not been open with the main subject of the meeting. The name given to it, however, is “Moon, Mars, and Worlds Beyond: Winning the Next Frontier”. Key speakers from many different sections of the space industry are planned to voice their expert opinions. They are all in agreement that space exploration is an important part of our future. Regulatory reform is one of the topics on the table.

The formation of a regulatory process is hoped to make space research more affordable for companies. Officials are also hoping for the inclusion of other countries in the United States space program. The October meeting of the council ended with a request for a review of regulatory possibilities. This review was to be completed by the Office of Management and Budget and the Secretaries of Commerce and Transportation. A 45 day time limit was given. The report, completed with enthusiasm, brought ideas about comprehensive licensing for similar space vehicles. Licensing for missions is time consuming, at present. When they take off from different locations, separate licenses must be approved. Regulation would make these complicated processes more streamlined.

Finally, the budget is a major concern. Licensing and other necessities take too long, or get postponed due to lack of funding. It takes a significant amount of employees to complete the necessary tasks for approvals. Increased funding is essential to keep up with growing costs.