It is possible that in future possessing materials for creating firs infrastructure for future mars colonists will be easier than anyone could imagine.

Group of civilian engineers working on Stanford University along with NASA’s Ames Research Center managed to create new technology, which will make possible creating concrete from regolith present on the Mars or on the Moon. As all we know, main factor which makes colonization of planets or Moon very expensive is cost of delivering to orbit any kilogram of payload. In case of creating permanently inhabited base on the Moon or on the Mars it would be necessary to deliver there large amount of materials like concrete to built structures like foundations or shelters for colonists. Perfect solution would be possessing material for buildings on the spot. Unfortunately regolith which can be found on the Mars or Moon is not perfect material – it is loose and it would be very hard to form it into any solid structure like blocks or bricks. Now it seems that scientists found perfect solution.

Team leaded by an associate professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford School of Engineering Michael Lepech, developed technology basing on protein, carbon and regolith. Mixture will create substantial composite similar to concrete after being mixed in low gravity conditions. Proteins were possessed from animals like slaughters, carbon used for experiment was generated by humans and samples of regolith were provided by Nasa. First transformed mixture samples showed that they are as strong as ordinary pavement bricks and has similar density and other features.

Technology gives great opportunity to built base on Mars or on the Moon without waiting for delivering concrete or any building materials from Earth. It is possible to create farms with genetically modified organisms producing proteins mixed with carbon and regolith. Such farms could work without any service for a long time being controlled remotely. First buildings could be created by robotic machines using bricks manufactured on robotic farms. First colonists would land, finish buildings and install additional equipment. It would reduce time necessary for creating safe shelters resistant for space radiation and micrometeoroids  which are most dangerous threat for any base on the Moon or Mars.