Fir all lovers of space exploration and related topics, you must have heard that Vladimir Putin who happens to be Russian President takes special interest in impressive and exotic missile technologies. Putin addressed the Russian Federal Assembly and his speech raised eyebrows around the world when he introduced a range of weird nuclear-powered-cruise missile.

According to Vladimir Putin, the introduced weapons are just a source of national pride. He went ahead and said that these weapons speak of Russia’s continued immeasurable power status despite of the increased alienation from the West together with the long-running economic doldrums.

While the new nuclear-capable systems of Russia have received massive attention in recent weeks, Russia’s burgeoning anti-satellite weapons have been flown under the radar. One month after Putin’s Federal Assembly speech, the country’s military carried out a booming test launch of a unique development-anti-satellite-weapon.

Dubbed the PL19 or the Nudo, the anti-satellite weapon has been tested not less than six times in 2015. The most recent test to be done was the only one that saw this missile launched from its ultimate transporter which suggests that its program is progressing.

The growth of Russia’s interest in developing anti-satellite weapons has raised an uneasy prospect. It looks like Putin, although he continues to act as norm defiance, might authorize the testing of an interceptor be done against a live satellite that is in stable low-Earth orbit. This would repeat a disastrous step taken by the Republic of China in 2207. China ended up shooting down a weather satellite.

There are more than 2,000 distinct pieces of fragments from that Chinese interception that continue to compass the Earth at very high speeds. This has become a threat to other satellites. Hundreds of pieces are feared to continue being a threat for decades. This prospect may seem to be far-fetched now, but it merits serious reflection.

The Nudol’s interceptor rocket is designed to do just one thing; this is to rapidly speed up out of the Earth’s ambiance and using kinetic energy, strike a large object compassing our planet nearly over rocket’s launch site.

In technical parlance, the named kind of weapons are rightly categorized as direct-ascent kinetic interceptors. These weapons have a hit-to-kill technology which has been desired by many countries including the United States. However, it has been proven that the basics of taking out a ballistic rocket re-entry vehicle and a satellite in space are quite similar.