ILS Proton-M rocket delivered to orbit Hispasat Amazonas-5 communications satellite on September 11, 2017.

Russian rocket operated by International Launch Services performed its 415th flight flawlessly. Amazonas-5 satellite was correctly delivered to its designated orbit after lasting over nine hours mission. Built by SSL for Spanish hispasat satellite operator spacecraft reported its good condition after reaching 35286 km x 4450 km orbit with an inclination of 22.9 degrees.

Long for 58.2 m and weighing 705 t rocket was launched from Pad 39 at baikonur Cosmodrome at 19:23 UTC. Just after launch it set its course to northeast. At T+1’2″ rocket reached maximum level of dynamic pressure and at T+2′ first stage equipped with six RD-275M engines fueled with  N2O4 / UDMH was released. Second stage fueled with identical propellant was jettisoned after 3 minutes 27 seconds later. Weighing 168 t construction powered by 3 RD-0210 and one RD-0211 engines started to fall on Earth at T+5’27”, twenty seconds before payload fairing was released. Briz-M upper stage was jettisoned at T+9’42” and ignited its S5.98M engine for the first time for 4’31” at T+11’16”.  After this fire briz-M with Amazonas-5 reached parking orbit. Second burn took place at T+1h17″ and lasted over 17 minutes. It was necessary to raise the orbit and reach after fourth burn (T+3h28′, lasing for 11’23’) transfer orbit. Last two burns put satellite into geostationary transfer orbit and were performed after toroidal Briz-M Auxiliary Propellant Tank was emptied from 14.6 t of N2O4/UDMH propellant. Bruns took place at T+3h42′ (lasted for 5’57”) and T+8h55′ (lasted for 6’23”). Finally at 04:35 on September 12, 2017, satellite was released after 9 hours 12 minutes of flight.

According to ILS official press release satellite is in good condition and mission became another success of ILS in 2017.

Next launch of Proton-M is planned for September 28th, 2017 – this time rocket will deliver Asiasat-9 communications satellite which already was delivered to Baikonur Cosmodrome and already passes integration process.