Progress MS-06 reached orbit on the top of the Soyuz-2.1a after successful launch from “Gagarin’s Start” launch site Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Soyuz-2.1a was launched punctually at 9:20:13 UTC from legendary Launch Site 31/6 with weighing 7.3 t Progress MS-06 spacecraft on the top. Vehicle was filled with 2.7 t of supplies for crew members and also as only from presently utilized cargo spacecrafts delivered propellant for International Space Station. Progress spacecraft delivered 1392 kg of pressurized cargo, 880 kg of propellant, 420 kg of water and 47 kg or oxygen for life support systems. Vehicle also delivered four nanosatellites installed outside the cargo compartment. These satellites will be released by Russian cosmonauts during planned for following weeks spacewalk.

Twenty seconds before T=0 Soyuz ignited its boosters and punctually at 9:20:13 UTC begun to rise over launch pad. It performed peach roll maneuver to set its course to north-east and break sound barrier at T+1′. After another 58 seconds all four boosters separated and RD-108A engine begun to work continuously until T+4’46” when it was cut off. Two seconds later Blok-I upper stage ignited its RD-0110 engine and pushed forward Progress to desired orbit. At T+4’58” shroud covering vehicle was jettisoned. After four minutes at T+8’48” progress was deployed and on insertion orbit of 193 km by 240 km, inclined 51.67°. Spacecraft will reach International Space Station tomorrow at 11:42 UTC and will automatically dock to Zvezda service module.