Russian cargo spacecraft Progress left International Space Station and ended lasting five months MS-05 resupply mission.

Progress MS-05 was launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome on February 22, 2017. Packed with 2.4 t of supplies for crew members performed lasting 48 hours space journey to dock after rendez vous to Pirs nadir docking port on 24 February. Progress delivered 2398 kg of food, water, oxygen, propellant and hardware. 600 kg of propellant and 52 kg of oxygen were transferred automatically to International Space Station; cargo delivered inside pressurize compartment was moved to ISS within following weeks after docking.

Progress was packed with trash and unwanted equipment during last few weeks. Finally,  on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 hatches were closed. After depressurizing, control over Progress was taken by ground control center. On Thursday ISS pitched for 90 degrees to point Progress into direction of travel of ISS. Finally on July 20 at 17:46 UTC, Progress released all the latches and spring mechanism pushed it gently away from the Station. After firing thrusters on 20 m distance, Progress started to increase its speed and move towards Earth. At 20:58 UTC it started its main engine, KDT-80, and performed deorbit burn. Spacecraft hit into dense layers of atmosphere and begun its destructive re entry finished with changing into mass of debris around 21:41 UTC hitting into Pacific Ocean.